They are built very well, and you can support an Australian company.

Chad Franem
Kalesi Farms at Kullin WA

We went down the path of purchasing a Coolamon, I would recommend it. The steerable axels where a real selling point

John Hammond
Taranaki Farms

We can just keep going and going and going. Its bloody awesome!

Kyle Alvaro
Alvaro Farms Merredin WA

Australian farmers lead the world at becoming efficient.

Duncan Young
Beverley WA

We can use the Coolamon spreader all year round and not have another piece of machinery parked in the shed.

Alex Webster
SPF Contracting

We produce grain handling solutions from chaser bins and mother bins to spreaders and chaser spreaders which are unique to Coolamon. The machinery we produce needs to fit purpose for the farmer. Reliability, efficiency and speed combined with advanced technology and the ability to handle Australia’s tough conditions.

Heath Hutcheon

To buy the equivalent chaser and spreader together you would be looking at twice the money. By having two in one we use it all year round.

Chris Gardiner

Productivity for us has been the best return on investment for us . We can get the right amount of product in the right place quickly and efficiently has been fantastic. Our machine runs for about 3/4 of the year and not many machines can do that.

David Bott
Coreen Victoria

I like the way they are built and I like dealing with the company. Having good gear around you means less breakdowns and makes the job easier for everyone involved.

Rowan Hender
Northern Victoria

The gear has got to be strong, it has got to be able to handle some pretty tough situations sometimes. We can’t afford breakdowns at harvest.

Peter Ricardo
Walget NSW

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