Coolamon Spreader 15.0

What makes the spreader range the best?

The Coolamon Spreader: The Next Level in Precision and Efficiency. Experience the ultimate blend of design and functionality, tailored for modern agricultural needs.

Coolamon's world-exclusive variable sized cones optimise product timing and distribution. Our unique double overlap spinner blade design creates negative pressure at the disc center, pulling the product in before spreading it evenly.

The versatile CS range can handle various materials, including: Feedlot waste, Chicken manure, Lime, Urea, Superphosphate

Industry leading Features

Solid one-piece drawbar/chassis

More durable

Raven Rate Controller

Raven Rate Controller

Rexroth Hydraulic Valve Block

Each spinner motor is controlled by separate valve and inbuilt sensor. Decreases fluctuation, improves consistency, and gives greater flexibility

New Electric Actuated rear door

Takes the guess work out of rear door opening size, the actuator automatically provides door height position straight back to the rate controller ensuing accurate rate at all time

One piece side walls and 6 mm end walls

Solid construction prevents cracking

Hydraulic roller drive with rubber lagged drive pulley driven by 55 mm shaft

Great longevity for belt and roller

Rubber lagged self-cleaning tail pulley

Stops build-up of material

Adjustable upside down ā€œVā€ section

Takes weight off belt at start up
Reduces wear on motors
Stops hopper from bridging

Powder coated with Zinc primer; 2-pack paint system with etch primer

Longer life, more durable

Self-Cleaning Hopper

Quick and easy maintenance

Independent spinner control with live spinner speed feedback from both spinners, controlled independent from individual PWM

Accurate spinner speed and easier to troubleshoot

1-metre-wide cleated belt with polyurethane skirts

Widest in the business allowing smooth even flow of material onto the spinners
Gives us the ability to handle all bulk material and apply it at high rates

Heavy Duty Roll Over Tarp

Easily access for quick product protection

Curved back spinner with bevel edge spinner discs

Controlled distribution

Variable sized cones

Spread all products quickly and easily

Sliding Axle 2 m to 3 m wheel centres

Greater versatility suitable for all farming practices

Machine Capacity

Ltrs - 15,000
Lime - 18.8 Tonne
Urea - 11.4 Tonne

Machine Dimensions

Machine Length 8.8 m
Machine Height 3 m
Hopper Length 5.7 m
Hopper Width 6.8 m
Flotation Tyres 650/65 - 30.5

Machine Weight

Machine Tare Weight 5.2 Tonne
Gross Weight 23.9 Tonne
Weight Per Tyre (loaded) 5 Tonne
Drawbar Load (loaded) 4 Tonne

Raven Screen & Harness

Weight Scales

Stainless Steel Hopper


Light Pack

Plastic Mudguards

Tyre Options

Goose Neck For JCB Tractors

Optional Extras

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Raven Screen & Harness

Weight Scales

Stainless Steel Hopper

Tyre Options


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Light Pack

Plastic Mudguards

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