Coolamon Mother Bin CMB200T

Coolamon Mother Bin CMB150T


Our Market leading Coolamon Mother bins are
the strongest and most reliable bin manufactured
in Australia and are the leader for mother bin
technology. All models & options are designed and
built in house.

Leveraging our years of experience and
development of our robust Coolamon Chaser Bin, you
the grower are assured of quality and reliability.
Large flotation tyre footprint assists in staying on top
of the ground making the bin easier to pull and avoids
damage to laneways and fields.

World Leading Features

550/60-22.5 Floatation tyres

These tyres offer “bulldozing free” travel across any paddock condition

High quality 2 pack paint system

Long lasting with added strength for our harsh conditions

16 inch unloading auger with hydraulic kicker

Allows for smooth efficient unloading

Electrically controlled tarp

Safe and fast coverage when required operated from the ground

6” wide full clean out doors

Time saving with easy clean out of the bin

All New Front and Rear Mechanical Linkage Steering

Front and Rear steering through a linkage system provides more direct steering and easier maintenance and servicing.

Rear access door

Safely inspect the bin from the conveniently place rear door

Curved sides for extra strength

Machine Dimensions

Length - 25.2m
Width - 4.5m
Height - 4.2m
Unloading Height - 5.6m

Machine Weights

Tare - 32 Tonne
Gross - 232 Tonne

Camera Pack

-7” colour screen which is fitted inside the tractor cab
-Camera fitted to the top of auger to help see where the grain is going
-A second camera is fitted to the rear of the bin which provides eyes behind you when travelling down the road

Light Pack

-Includes taillights & revolving light at the rear
-Working light fitted to the top of the auger which is powered off the taillights with an automatic switch fitted at the delivery auger hinge point so the light automatically comes on when delivery auger is in working position
-7- pin round large plug as standard

Weight Scales

-Agrimatics fitted standard: Bluetooth compatible with smart device, phone or tablet -
-Load sensing cell fitted inside the stub
-Load sensing cells are at every point of contact
Each stub
Between drawbar and front pull tongue
-Accurate in field calibration of header yield monitoring systems
-Accurate in field loading of trucks to manage mass management
lessens the need of a on farm weigh bridge
-The harvest yield data can be sent back to a desktop via the Cloud post harvest to assist in record keeping


-Hydraulically operated ‘S’ cam drum brakes (air optional)
-Gives operator more stability and control
-Handy option for farmers with undulating country or for inexperienced operators

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