Coolamon Chaser Bin 30T20

The 30T20 is a great all rounder. This bin doesn’t need a larger tractor to move it safely, and it can support even the fastest header unit’s harvest capacity. With rear steering as an option, you will be amazed with it’s small turn circle and movability.

What makes the chaser bin range the best?

Coolamon Chaser Bins all have modern design into the structure and the look, making them strong, durable whilst still looking great. They will stand out and yet still perform year after year.

Our bins are designed with extra strength and flexibility in mind, and have loads of features and options to let you design a bin perfect for your specific needs and your operation.

World Leading Features

Simple and effective drive system designed to handle 1000 PTO with duplex chain

Superior strength and aesthetic looks

Delivery auger tube is constructed using 10 mm line pipe

Reliable and easy to operate

Full length shut off doors for effective control of grain

Folding auger linkage system – 3-point hitch for variable speed

Axles held by u-bolts in to keep structural integrity through the stub

Rim offset design to cater for overall width of 3.5 m & 3.0 m wheel centres

Grain pick up points and drop off points have 6 mm auger flighting with 4.8 mm continuous flighting

Endless options as standard, hydraulic jack, sample port, safety chain, roll-over tarp, rear access door, hydraulic kicker

6” wide full length clean drop down doors

Improves harvester efficiencies

Large dropper box to transfer grain from cross auger to delivery auger

Two harvester loads on the go

Modern looking design that incorporates the structure in the look

Australian owned & Manufactured

Curved sides for extra strength and aesthetic look

Innovative design that is built to last

Different size tow-bar bush to suit all drawbar pin sizes

Machine Capacity

30 Tonne

Machine Dimensions

Machine Length 8.10 m
Machine Height 3.70 m
Machine Width 3.50 m
- (3m wheel centres – 3.78 m)
Auger unload height 4.45 m
Cubic Meters 38.4 m3

Machine Weight

Gross Weight 38.7 Tonne
Tare Weight 8.7 Tonne
Tyre Load (Full) 8,870 kg
Drawbar Load (full) 3,270 kg

Auger Size & Unloading Speed

20” Delivery Auger with 18” Cross Auger
20” – 12 Tonne per Min


-Hydraulically operated ‘S’ cam drum brakes (air optional)
-Gives operator more stability and control
-Handy option for farmers with undulating country or for inexperienced operators

Light Pack

-Includes taillights & revolving light at the rear
-Working light fitted to the top of the auger which is powered off the taillights with an automatic switch fitted at the delivery auger hinge point so the light automatically comes on when delivery auger is in working position
-7-pin round large plug as standard

Rear Self-Steering Option

-Rear self-following steering system
-Fully designed and built in house
-Easier to maneuver when steering is fitted and puts less stress on the chaser bin & tractor
-Less soil disturbance
-Single acting ram fitted to both rear wheels for assistance when reversing
-Weight scales can be fitted to our steering system (only one on the market that has this feature)

Camera Pack

-7” colour screen which is fitted inside the tractor cab
-Camera fitted to the top of auger to help see where the grain is going
-A second camera is fitted to the rear of the bin which provides eyes behind you when travelling down the road

Weight Scales

-Agrimatics fitted standard: Bluetooth compatible with smart device, phone or tablet -
-Load sensing cell fitted inside the stub
-Load sensing cells are at every point of contact
Each stub
Between drawbar and front pull tongue
-Accurate in field calibration of header yield monitoring systems
-Accurate in field loading of trucks to manage mass management
-Lessens the need of a on farm weigh bridge
-The harvest yield data can be sent back to a desktop via the Cloud post harvest to assist in record keeping

300L & 600L Fire Fighter

-300L poly tank fitted to the side of the chaser bin fitted with a 2hp petrol motor and a 18m hose reel with fire nozzle. An additional 300L tank can be purchased for the opposite side of the bin making a 600L fire fighter unit
-Chaser Bin is always beside the harvest and allows you to get on top of a fire before it gets out of control

Camso Tracks

-Reduces ground pressure between 60-70% when compared to traditional tyre systems
-Vastly increase mobility and field access especially in softer ground conditions
-Maximises ground contact and support over uneven terrain
-Improved chaser bin stability and control
-Reduces stress on track undercarriage and chaser bin frame compared to other track system designs.
-Designed specifically for trailed applications coupled with a low profile tread patterns, which lowers rolling and turning resistance, and minimises soil disturbance
-Wheels and rollers positioned to gain maximum rolling path weight distribution
-Suspension movement features includes rotation about the main pivot pin, walking tandems, and the bogie pivots front to rear and side to side which is exclusive to the Camso system

Optional Extras

Check out the optional extras available for the chaser range.

Tyre Options

Track Undercarriage

Light Pack

Rear Self - Steering option

Camera Pack

Weight Scales

Fire Fighting Tanks (300L & 600L)

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