Manufactured in Coolamon, our Spreaders and Chaser Bins are built to be tough and reliable. Available nationwide, contact one of our friendly staff today.

Chaser Bin Models

coolamon-aboutCoolamon Chaser Bins all have modern design into the structure and the look, making them strong, durable whilst still looking great. They will stand out and yet still perform year after year.

Our bins are designed with extra strength and flexibility in mind, and have loads of features and options to let you design a bin perfect for your specific needs and your operation.

  • Modern looking design that incorporate the structure in the look
  • High quality 2 pack paint system
  • Curved sides for extra strength and esthetic look
  • Delivery auger tube is made out of line pipe
  • Simple & effective drive system designed to handle
    – 1000 PTO with duplex chain
  • 6” wide full length clean drop down doors
  • Large dropper box to transfer grain from cross auger to delivery auger
  • Folding auger linkage system
    – 3 point hitch folding auger system for variable speed
  • Different size towbar bush to suit all drawbar pin sizes
  • Axles are U-bolted in to keep structure integrity through the stub
  • Rim offset design to cater for overall with of 3.5m & 3.0m wheel centres
  • Grain pick up points & drop off points have 6mm auger flighting
  • Full length shut off doors for effective control

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