Manufactured in Coolamon, our Spreaders and Chaser Bins are built to be tough and reliable. Available nationwide, contact one of our friendly staff today.

Fertiliser Spreader Options

fertiliserSpreading Widths & Benefits

  • Spreading widths
    – Fertiliser – covers 36m
    – Single Super – covers 50m
  • Haze Ag 600mm twin spinners with accurate spread patterns.
  • Spreads all dry granular products
  • The ability to spread 2 different products at once

Spinner Technology

  • The spinners are cast steel with rounded backs, essential for creating a negative pressure at the centre of the disc. This pulls the product into the middle before throwing it out.
  • The variable sized cones work perfectly to control the timing of your product, leaving the spinning disk.
  • The spinners run a proven bearing system, developed and perfected over many years from Richard Hazelton’s contracting
    experiences. A shear coupling drives the spinners in order to minimize metal to metal contact.
  • Polyurethane spiders protect the spinners in cases of extreme duress, so that the spiders shear rather than the spinners.
  • Hydraulic spinner motors can be adjusted to best suit your tractor. This allows your tractor to run at 1600 RPM, giving
    a better rate of fuel consumption plus extended engine life.
  • Polyurethane low rebound pads are also added in order to aid in the prevention of spreader bounce

spreaderWhy we use Haze Ag spinners

Haze Ag spreaders are the only ones in the world with variable sized cones, vastly improving the timing of your product as it leaves the machine.

The special design of the cast iron spinner blades creates a negative pressure, drawing your product onto the disc before it’s thrown out. This creates a controlled spread of 50 metres with little damage to the product – important when it comes to fertilisers like urea. The state of the art design of the cones and discs mean Haze Ag spreaders can spread all your fertiliser products with far greater efficiency.


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